Sunday, October 16, 2005

RESOURCE - Body Matters: A Guide to Partnership


The book I mentioned to you is called Body Matters a Guide to Partnership in Christian Mission by Ernie Addicott.

As I read it I thought of you. A lot of the examples are cross cultural in context but the information applies. I know you have a ton of information on the subject already but thought you might like it.

God bless, Christy Minger

NEW partnership Book: Body Matters – available at:

Saturday, October 15, 2005

City Coaches - What Do They Do?

Phil's response to that question...

My approach to coaching a team of city leaders is through:
-Inquiry: Assist the team to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in your city
-Analysis: Utilize research and reports to find out what God has been doing so we can continue to follow Him
-Questions: Cause the team to set action plans on the basis of their mission, vision and values
-Challenge: Call for greater diversity and wider communication to more pastors and ministry organization leadership
-Connect: Offer Mission America Coalition resources related to your initiatives
-Celebration: Encouraging review and recognition of accomplishments

I do not come with an agenda; personal or of the Mission America Coalition. I come with the task and desire to serve your team in determining and implementing God's agenda.

LC2C - A Role Description for City Coaches

Loving Our Communities To Christ

A Role Description for City Coaches

LC2C is “an invitation to collaborative conversations in our cities and communities that produces customized, locally initiated and owned strategies, goals and plans.”

The Mission America Coalition will provide a City Coach who will serve the local city movement in achieving these objectives.

City Coach: Role
  • Serve as a consultant to the city movement: bring expertise in the area of city reaching
  • Function as a catalyst: cast vision for strategic prayer, practical ministry, and collaborative evangelism
  • Operate as a facilitator: guard the process as you guide the leadership team
  • Perform as a convener: bring national ministry resourc-ers and city leaders together to implement action plans
  • Become a reporter: share insights and progress with MAC

City Coach: Responsibilities
  • Work with the leadership team to analyze the current status of the city reaching movement:
  • Determine state-of-the-movement
  • Recognize key players
  • Determine strengths & weaknesses, success & failures
  • Identify critical needs in various communities
  • Assist the leadership team to strategize a Holy Spirit led plan to:
    • Communicate – Increase the number of congregations and ministries connected to the city reaching movement
    • Cooperate – Broaden cooperative events and activities among congregations and organizations in various communities
    • Collaborate – Involve additional leaders of influence in the praying, planning, publicizing, producing, proclaiming process
  • Help the leadership team catalyze churches and ministries to implement the strategy

Friday, October 14, 2005

City Impact Conference Call

Last Tuesday: Featured Cities' Conference Calls

What would make a principal of an elementary school go on local television and say that what the "faith-based community" did for the students at her "Title I school" was "a miracle"? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they provided tutors for her school, resulting in ALL of her students being at or above grade-level!

Springfield, Missouri: The next Featured Cities call will be Oct 25th, 2005; 9:00am Pacific time.

The number to call is 661-705-2000 (code 251005).

Dennis Fuqua and Phil Miglioratti co-host the call.

Hear more this month as we feature what God is doing in Springfield, Missouri.

Rachel Uthmann
Administrative Assistant
International Renewal Ministries

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The "L" in LC2C

"You don’t change people by protests. You change them by love. Society is changed one life at a time. God has put specific people in your life that he expects you to share the Good News with. You’re the only Christian some people know." Pastor Rick Warren

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The VISION . . . of Loving Your Community to Christ.

I am the light of the world(Jn.9:5), you are the light of the world (Mt.5:14).


The Vision -
involves pastors/leaders and churches develop a pray-care-share culture. These are followers of Christ personally to live pray-care-share lifestyle. It involves community of believers increase exponentially. Click here for page 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

LC2C - Next Steps . . .

"Loving Our Communities to Christ" is a locally initated process served by the partners of the Mission America Coalition. These next steps identify a journey of relationship between the Mission America Coalition and the Christian leadership of our city.

Imagine what could happen if . . .
* Every person in your community was prayed for through the combined action of local churches and ministries.
* Every person experience a caring Christian befriending them at their point of need.
* The gospel with people in a way they could understand and respond to. Click here for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Loving Our Communities to Christ ???

Loving Our Communities to Christ (LC2C) is now the major initiative of the Mission America Coalition.

In recent months, we have seen the Lord's hand focusing the members (of Mission America), resources, and strategy of the coalition on Calling God's People Together to Love Our Communities to Christ.

As a result, Loving Our Communities to Christ (LC2C) is now the major initiative of the Mission America Coalition. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we believe it has the potential to transform the communities of America both spiritually and culturally.

The Loving Our Communities to Christ Framework Document is the foundation of the LC2C initiative. Click here to read the document.

The official pilot cities for Loving Our Communities to Christ will be announced at the 2005 MAC Annual Meeting. It will also be a time to connect your ministry, denomination, or city with the Loving Our Communities to Christ pilot phase and beyond. (Learn More)