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Monday, November 28, 2005

CARE - Toward an Epidemic of Compassion

Responding to the Challenge of AIDS on World AIDS Day

Toward an Epidemic of Compassion

World AIDS Day is 1 December and the Global AIDS Prayer Partnership is launching two new initiatives to help mobilize an evangelical response to the AIDS pandemic.

Every hour 354 people die of AIDS. That’s about one person every ten seconds. That's like a Boeing 747 crashing every hour, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. More than three million people die annually from a largely preventable but incurable disease, and the pace of this global pandemic continues to accelerate. The AIDS pandemic is the greatest humanitarian challenge the world, and the Church, has ever faced. Every 1 December, on World AIDS Day, millions of people take note of these facts and remember those who are suffering.


Until recently however, the evangelical church has been largely unconcerned and even judgmental toward AIDS and those suffering under the burden of this global emergency. That is changing as more evangelical leaders speak out and call the Church to respond. Local church participation in World AIDS Day is still lacking, but a new strategic prayer ministry is helping change that.

The Global AIDS Prayer Partnership (GAPP), a growing coalition of evangelical Christian organizations, denominations and local churches, is at the forefront of this change. GAPP is co-chaired by Dr. Paul Cedar, chairman of the Mission America Coalition, and Rev. Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Dr. Ted Yamamori, international director of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, serves as special advisor to Brian Considine, international coordinator and executive director for GAPP. GAPP will also serve as the official voice of Lausanne on HIV/AIDS.

Now entering the second year of operation, GAPP has been building a platform for united prayer to create awareness of AIDS, and has primarily targeted the United States evangelical community in their efforts.

“There are reported a one hundred million evangelicals in the United States,” reported Considine. “If we can get just a small fraction responding to this crisis, we can make a huge difference in our world. And, the easy ‘on-ramp’ to involving the local church is prayer.”


GAPP and its coalition partners are introducing two new initiatives this 1 December. The first, “Global AIDS Sunday,” is an annual call to prayer, remembrance and awareness “The evangelical community has largely been absent on World AIDS Day, due principally to the secular nature of the day, but we must change that,” stated Considine.

Global AIDS Sunday will be held annually on the two Sunday’s adjacent to World AIDS Day (this year 27 November and 4 December). Resources will be made available for participating churches. “We are encouraging local churches to set aside a few minutes, on the Sunday of their choice, to remember and pray for all those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS,” Considine said. “We are also encouraging Christians to learn what is happening in their communities on World AIDS Day, to get involved and to bear the light of Christ.”


The second initiative, “Three Million Voices,” is representative of the three million people who die annually due to AIDS and AIDS-related diseases. The purpose of this campaign is to mobilize intercession and compassionate action for those who die annually from AIDS. The hope is to help millions of children left orphaned or vulnerable, and assist devastated families and communities and potentially even entire nations.

A “Declaration of Commitment” to a lifestyle of prayer-care-share toward the end of AIDS is the centerpiece of this new initiative. Church leaders across America are signing the declaration and calling the Church to do likewise. Haggard, one of the original signors, stated; “I have personally signed the declaration because it speaks to the heart of what I believe must be the Church’s response to the AIDS pandemic and I encourage all Christians in (the United States) to join with me in this commitment to a lifestyle of prayer-care-share to end AIDS." Organizers hope to have 100,000 signatures to present at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto next summer. Online signing will begin 1 December.

“The evangelical community must rise up to the challenge of AIDS, both locally and globally, if we are to be relevant in the twenty-first century,” emphasized Considine. “To that end, we seek to build a movement towards an epidemic of compassion and for Christians everywhere to pray to end AIDS.” Global AIDS Sunday and Three Million Voices are two ways to get involved this World AIDS Day.

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HIV/AIDS and the Gospel will be the focus of the December issue of, available online 1 December.

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SHARE - Coaching for Outward Focused Congergations

2006 Servant Evangelism Conference

The National SE Conference for next year is coming up this Spring. This year’s conference will be in Cincinnati at Vineyard Community Church.

Online sign-ups will be on the website soon!
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Speakers for this year’s conference include:
•Jim Henderson – Head of Off-the-Map organization. Jim relates to many who are looking for new ways of reaching out to the not included, to those who don’t relate to the Church as it is today. Little known fact: Jim learned his best stuff while he was on staff at the Vineyard Cincinnati!
•Nelson Searcy – Lead Pastor of Journey Church in Manhattan, NY – a church that has grown to over 1,000 in just three years using Servant Evangelism as their outreach approach. This past year Journey Church touched around 700,000 people with acts of kindness in the Manhattan area. Now that’s enthusiasm!
•Steve Sjogren – Pioneer of the Servant Evangelism movement. Steve is always innovating the simple idea of outreach as he has come to define it and improve upon the idea and make it more and more doable by the average person in your church.
•Andy White – British pastor and head of To All Nations, a training organization that is impacting the UK with lots of acts of kindness, generosity and love. Andy and his wife Kate are constantly finding new ways of reaching out to England, a post-Christian nation, with active definitions of God’s love.
•Dave Ping – over the past 20 years Dave has trained well over 100,000 leaders in the area of outreach in innovative ways. Dave has authored several books, one of them, Irresistible Evangelism, that redefines evangelism out of the hands of the “experts” and into the hands of the common person.
•Janie Sjogren – the Queen of Kindness – she carries with her the unique heart of what outreach is all about over these past couple of decades of redefining outreach to many, many people.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

FAQ: Where Can I Find Information On City Reachig?

Invest some time surifing these sites ... Then email us with a quesiton or specific need. We'll do our best to assist,

Jarvis Ward

Phil Miglioratti

City Reaching

National Pastors' Prayer Network

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"Can You Imagine?" - Introductory Presentation

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Praising God for City Impact!

•PRAISE GOD for the many churches who were involved in the "Go to the Wall Sunday" in the Coachella Valley. Literally thousands of names were written on the walls of LOV churches with the commitment by thousands of Christians to pray faithfully for them.

•PRAISE GOD for a very positive meeting of over 150 Pastors and Church Leaders in the Lake County region of Chicagoland - A potential point of contact for LC2C ("Loving Our Communities to Christ) in Fox Valley - Chicago area. (Phil Miglioratti, MAC Facilitator)

•PRAISE GOD for the great time in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (a LC2C Pilot City) where I met with 140+ pastors and leaders - - - trained pastors for the 2006 launch of Pray-Care-Share. It is expected that 40 churches will launch together on February 5th, 2006. The leaders of the area shared this vision. (Quote) "We have 40 churches committed to be involved. Participation in those churches is 10,960 people. Our goal is that each of those people will pray for 6-8 names on their bookmarks. That means by March we hope to be praying for 65,000 to 90,000 people to know Christ and to show Christ's love to them." WOW! (Larry DeWitt, MAC Facilitator)

•PRAISE GOD for an amazing God-event that happened Wednesday in Oxnard, CA. 75+ pastors from 10 cities in Ventura County came together. They shared spiritual breakthroughs that God is giving to their city. Pastors from the other 9 cities prayed for the power of Christ to impact Oxnard as never before. Then an older, tearful pastor said, "I've been praying and waiting for this day for 43 years." God is bringing a new wave of spiritual life to that city. Pray that in time it will impact the entire county.

•PRAISE GOD that all 150 Narnia "Sneak Peeks" are complete. PRAISE that the final large "Sneak Peek" took place yesterday at Focus on The Family in Colorado Springs and went exceedingly well. Please pray for the outreach in these final weeks leading up to the movie release of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" on Dec. 9th.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Coachella Valley, CA - 38 Congregations

What Will It Take?
by Dennis Fuqua
International Renewal Ministries

The Coachella Valley runs about forty miles east and west, starting about 100 miles east of Los Angles on Interstate 10. Palm Springs is its most popular city. A year ago, pastors from 38 congregations in the valley entered into a three year agreement to apply the “prayer, care, share” emphasis of The Lighthouse Movement to their congregations. Paul Cedar, from Mission America, has been a voice to encourage this unified effort. I recently had the opportunity of teaming with Paul to facilitate their first multi-day Prayer Summit.

We spent time before the Lord in worship, in communion, in adoration and praise. We lifted up one another, the congregations, and the valley. Because these brothers and sisters have been meeting together regularly for about 18 months, we did not have to start at the beginning in either our relationships or our thinking. We entered in quickly to some very good times in His presence.

One of the final sessions was spent in three groups, according to our primary burden – prayer, care or share. Because I do not live in the valley, I used the time to be alone and to pray for each of them. As I did, I thought about the original question behind the Prayer Summits: “What would it take to see a move of God initiated and sustained in a geographic community?” I came away from this hour with a much deeper conviction that these three words -- prayer, care and share -- are a wonderful, balanced summary of what God has taught us in answer to that question.

For several years, these words have challenged individuals to be “Lighthouses of Prayer”. But in the last year or so, Servant Leader teams have begun to see how they apply to their city or community. In fact, Mission America has made specific decisions to focus the way they serve communities around these three words. The emphasis is called “Loving Your Communities to Christ”. You can read more by going to

Please note that this is not a new program. It is a way to see our calling to our community. I encourage Servant Leader teams to print out, read, and pray over the document on the above web-link to see how the Lord may want it to be lived out in your community.

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