Tuesday, December 13, 2005

LC2C Pilot Cities Announced!

Paul Cedar, Mission America Coalition Chairman, and Executive Director Jim Overholt are pleased and proud to announce the Pilot Cities for the new Loving Our Communities to Christ initiative.

LC2C seeks to impact the Body of Christ through a change of culture:
• Projects that promote a lifestyle of prayer~care~share
• Process rather than pre-packaged programs
• Partners from the Mission America Coalition who provide resources
• Personnel including the MAC National Facilitators who bring strategic expertise

Each city is assigned a coach who will journey with the pastors and leaders who are stewarding the citywide movement of prayer~care~share in their communities.

Pilot Cities City Contact / Coach
• Cedar Rapids, IA Phil Miglioratti
• Charleston, WV Jarvis Ward
• Charlotte, NC Jim Overholt
• Coachella Valley, CA Paul Cedar
• Corvalis, OR Tom White
• Fox Valley, IL Phil Miglioratti
• El Paso, Las Cruces, TX & Juarez, MX Jarvis Ward
• Santa Rosa/Sonoma County, CA Tom White
• Tuscaloosa, AL Tom White

The “LC2C” initiative offers the unprecedented synergy of collaborative evangelism partnerships between denominational executives, ministry leaders, network facilitators, and city reachers.

*MAC National Facilitators
Each one brings experience in the core concept of Prayer~Care~Share, as well as a strategic focus:
>Paul A. Cedar –MAC Chairman; Calling the Church to collaborative evangelism
>Jim Overholt -Casting the LC2C vision to MAC and marketplace
>Larry Lewis -Denominational involvement
>Dallas Anderson -Proclamation evangelism; Prison in-reach
>Larry DeWitt -Helping Pastors develop a Prayer~Care~Share culture
>Mary Lance Sisk -Lighthouse ministries & lifestyle
>Jarvis Ward -Strategies for cities and communities; AIDS Summits; Racial reconciliation
>Cornell Haan -Networking toward unity; Marketplace strategies
>John Quam -Cross-cultural implications in reaching our cities and their collaboration in reaching our world.
>Naomi Frizzell -Communications
>Phil Miglioratti -Strategies for cities and communities; Strategic prayer

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Announcing Our Pilot CIties!

...December 15th @ 11am Eastern, 10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific

Call: 641-297-4600 code: 604096#

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Prayer ~ Care ~ Share: The Lighthouse Report

Click the headline for practical resoruces that wil assist you in building a Prayer ~ Care ~ Share lifstyle culture:

Prayer resources
Care resources
Share resources
Conversatinal Ministry
Station List
Your Story

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Friday, December 02, 2005

TUSCALOOSA - Pilot CIty Profile

City: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

•Inviting organization: Tuscaloosa Prayer Network
Click headline to vist www.tuscaloosaprayer.net

•Mission / Vision / Purpose statements:

The mission of the Tuscaloosa Prayer Network is to bring pastors together
· To seek God’s face through prayer,
· To strengthen the fellowship and leadership among all pastors,
· To foster unity in the Body of Christ, and
· To effect transformation of individuals, congregations and the community

•God At Work: List major areas/action of city reaching initiatives:

>Prayer - Weekly Small Pastors Prayer Groups

>Care – Reach Out Tuscaloosa (serving public schools), Unity Crusade (denominational and racial reconciliation), Dynamic Marriage Events, Hurricane Katrina efforts (serving evacuees)

>Share – National Day of Prayer, Concert of Prayer

•Partners Wanted:

1. List one dream...

2. Two goals....

3. Three needs for which you welcome inquiry from Mission America Coalition partners:
*Assistance in resource and development

*Strategies for developing visions/goals

*Consist consultation from Mission America Coalition

•Other stuff I haven't thought of that makes your city reaching efforts unique:

•Contact information:

Tuscaloosa Prayer Network
William Scroggins, Director
541 17th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
(205) 758-0458
Fax: (815) 366-7578

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