Friday, January 20, 2006

Prayer ~ Care ~ SHARE: 18 Conversions in Pilot City

PRAISE GOD for the significant meeting this past week of the LOV Pastors of the Coachella Valley. One pastor reported that their church has experienced 18 conversions in the past few months as a result of the prayer, care, share ministry.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pilot City Leadership Teams to Meet @ CIR in April, 2006

[ Note: Loving Our Communities to Christ Pilot CIties Ledership Teams are meeting both before (Monday, 9am) and after (Wednesday at noon) the National City Impact Roundtable ]

The City Impact Roundtable (CIR) is a peer-to-peer meeting of Christian leaders who are prayerfully seeking the unity of the Church for holistic evangelism, the revival and renewal of the Church, leading to a cultural awakening and transformation.

This grassroots involvement of leaders, both experienced and beginning practitioners, seeks to connect the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole! city.

CIR Program Details
The National CIR is an annual learning community of leaders, both experienced and beginning practitioners, who are interested in serious city-reaching endeavors. It features a “roundtable” format, involving inter-action and feedback, not just listening to speakers. We are all too aware of the competition for our time, energy and resources in this busy information age. But we believe this gathering will be well worth your while. Our aim is t! o be relevant and practical while providing an environment in which enduring, purposeful relationships can be formed.

From 1 PM Monday, April 3, to noon Wednesday, April 5

Hearing the Word of the Lord. Francis Frangipane, one of the longtime spiritual fathers of Cedar Rapids and well-known prolific author, will be this year's plenary speaker. Francis will bring us a creative word that is both prophetic and practical.

City Models. Based on extensive feedback from former CIRs, we will focus on our "main, plain" purpose: experienced practitioners unpack the core principles and best practices of city movements that have life, momentum and promise. As of today, we have five cities committed to present their models:

Cedar Rapids
Tuscaloosa AL
Boston MA
And a regional model from El Paso TX, Las Cruces NM and Juarez MEXICO

Extensive time will be given to hear these presentations and interact together about the strengths & weaknesses of these models. Presenters from these cities will be further available at two meals for "Table Talk" Q & A interaction. These presentations will involve a mix of pastors, men and women in marketplace ministries, emerging leaders, and social justice ministries.

•Workshops. Workshops currently on the pad:
** "Blogging: A New, Effective, Easy-to-use Internet Strategy "
** "What Veteran Cityreachers Wish Emerging City Leaders Knew"
** "Loving our Cities & Communities to Christ" (the "LC2C" strategy of the Mission America Coalition"
** "City AIDS Summits, Fall '06"
** "Issues Unique to the Mega-City" Movement
** "Social Justice Breakthroughs"
** "Global Day of Prayer & 90 Days of Blessing"

For maximum benefit, we strongly encourage a city to bring at least three, and ideally 5-7 members of its leadership team.

What Will the CIR Cost?
Early-Bird Registration (before February 1)
$99 Regular Registration $125 before March 15
Late Registration $150 after March 15
Single Day registration $50 per individual

The registration includes a Monday evening banquet, Tuesday box lunch, and Tuesday dinner buffet. A free airport shuttle is also provided for arrivals and departures. We encourage you to take immediate initiative to book in accommodations for yourself and city team members at one of the local motels at very reasonable rates (list follows below).

Click on the headline for more information and registration form . . .
You may direct questions to any of the following:

Tom White, Frontline Ministries, North American CIR Convener:
Jarvis Ward, City/Community Ministries (MAC)
Phil Miglioratti "LC2C Strategy Team" (MAC)
Charles Daugherty, Greater Cedar Rapids Prayer Alliance,

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prayer ~ CARE ~ Share: Rebuilding Homes; Building Lives

As many as 25,000 Southern Baptist young people -- teenaged to college-aged -- will arrive in 93 U.S. cities this summer to launch housing renovation projects as part of the North American Mission Board's 17th annual World Changers mission program. By Mickey Noah, Baptist Press

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)--Thousands of Southern Baptist students –- from teenage to college-age -– will swarm into 93 U.S. cities this summer to work on 2006 World Changers mission projects to renovate substandard housing around the country.

Feb. 1 is the deadline for churches throughout the Southern Baptist Convention to pay $50-per-person deposits to “lock in” project and youth registrations.

“This will be our 17th summer of projects for World Changers,” said Jim Burton, director of volunteer mobilization for the SBC’s North American Mission Board. “We have a great track record for providing Baptist students with an excellent mission experience.”

Created in 1990, World Changers is a mission experience packaged by NAMB enabling students -– middle school-aged to college -– to donate part of their summer to rehabilitate substandard housing. At the same time, they develop their mission skills, grow in their faith and share the Gospel.

Renovation projects will kick off June 10 and run through Aug. 5, said John Bailey, NAMB’s national manager for World Changers.

“We’ll hold our larger World Changers events, called our XL Projects, in Norfolk, Va., and Birmingham, Ala.,” Bailey said. “We’ll have 800 kids in Norfolk, which will feature well-known youth speaker David Nasser and Jamie Smith and her worship band. In Birmingham, we’ll have 500 students and feature Mike Satterfield as speaker and the Warren Jacobs Band.”

Bailey said new cities participating in World Changers in 2006 include Little Rock, Ark.; Tulsa, Okla.; Buffalo, N.Y.; and Gallup, N.M. World Changers also is sponsoring several spring break projects in March and April.

In the wake of last fall’s devastating hurricane season on the Gulf Coast, World Changers also is increasing the number of construction renovation projects in the affected states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

In 2005, World Changers carried out housing rehabilitation projects in 93 cities, involving more than 25,000 student volunteers. Students were mobilized into 2,000 work crews who completed 1,888 work projects, presented the Gospel more than 15,000 times and saw 1,500 people make professions of faith.

“Each year we’ve had from 1,100-1,300 Southern Baptist churches participate in World Changers by mobilizing their own youth groups and registering them,” Bailey said. “This year’s need is so great because of the Gulf Coast hurricanes, so we need even more caring churches to participate.”

World Changers construction teams are organized so that each team does work appropriate for the age group. Each team is headed by a crew chief -- a Baptist builder or construction expert.

“They are the teachers,” Bailey said. “We have a network of guys who are super to work with. We couldn’t do World Changers without them. They help students get it right. They show them how to saw a board, nail shingles, hang doors or windows, even how to build a wheelchair ramp.”

The homeowners selected to receive assistance in the renovation or repair of their homes must be below the poverty level and physically or financially unable to do the work on their own.

“Every city has substandard housing and blighted neighborhoods,” Bailey said. “We partner with these cities, each of which has a department of community development which chooses the homeowners.

“So it’s a win-win-win situation for World Changers, the cities and the homeowners,” Bailey said. “We come in as a faith-based organization offering free labor. It gives NAMB and World Changers a way to significantly minister and help less-fortunate people with needs.”

Students and/or their church pay an average of $260 each to cover the costs of the student’s food, lodging and transportation during the weeklong project.

“My passion and the passion here at NAMB is to have entire church youth groups involved in World Changers,” Bailey said. “We’re not only recruiting the elite, super-spiritual kid to go on mission. We want a church’s entire youth group to get entry-level experience on mission.”

Churches that have not yet registered can go to the site to sign up or see a list of project cities. There is a $50 per participant deposit, payable by the Feb. 1 deadline. This deposit secures a church’s registration. Churches can still register after Feb. 1. Balances are due either May 1 or June 1, depending on the project date and availability. For additional information, call World Changers at 1-800-462-8657.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Click for Audio of the Pilot Cities National Launch Conference Call

Audio segments from the Dec. 15 "LC2C Announcement Call" are now available for download on the Mission America Coalition website:

Click headline to hear the audio.

Blessings, Andrew


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Monday, January 02, 2006

CARE - CHF's Simple Strategy Helps Churches Feed Hungry Families

Children's Hunger Fund offers a simple and effective strategy that will moblize the members of even the smallest congregtions to feed starving families in America and beyond. Click the headline to vist their website...

"Serving children in need...across America and around the world."

To meet the thousands of needs that exist in the world today, Children's Hunger Fund utilizes an extensive network of generous ministries, companies and individuals who help transform children's lives from hunger to hope.

Thousands of compassionate families fill Food Paks with nutritional food, which are delivered directly into the homes of families they have never met. Trained ministry partners pick up food from our warehouse and operate distribution centers, feeding nearly 30,000 people every week! Faithful volunteers package and prepare food, or wrap the thousands of toys given to children during the holiday season. Generous donors with a heart to feed and clothe the hungry write monthly checks, enabling our efforts to continue around the clock. Caring corporations give truckloads of quality products to those who could, otherwise, never afford them. In countries around the world, CHF builds strong relationships with indigenous leaders who have a passion for their own people, and provide food and other aid to support their ministries.

Since 1991, Children's Hunger Fund has distributed more than $500 million in aid, bringing hope to children in more than 70 countries worldwide.

It has been said that a person can live forty days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but only four seconds without hope. Hope restores faith to a life that has been robbed of dignity. Hope replaces a past of hunger, brokenness, and despair with a bright future of opportunity.

It is hope that CHF seeks to restore.

Children's Hunger Fund is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

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