Friday, February 24, 2006

"What is "MAC" all about?"

In the past few weeks, all of us have begun a new year of ministry. Most of us have begun the year with great vision and expectations as we have sought the Lord in prayer asking Him to reveal to us what He desires us to do in 2006 – and beyond. I believe it is also a good time to review what the Mission America Coalition is all about and what we believe God is calling us to do -- together!

The basic mission of the Mission America Coalition is to be used of God to encourage and enable His Church to “take the whole Gospel to the whole Nation – and the World.” We are a part of the wonderful Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization whose mission statement is “The whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole World”

The Mission America Coalition is not a typical Christian organization. Instead, it is a Coalition of some 480 Christian leaders representing scores of denominations and some 350 Christian ministries. We have banded together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to mobilize Followers of Jesus to lovingly and appropriately share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in word and deed, with every person in America.

This necessitates the mobilization of millions of Christians to live a Biblical lifestyle of praying, caring (loving), and sharing with their neighbors through the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Neighbors include people who live nearby, friends, families, classmates, work associates, etc. – anyone that God brings into our lives.

It is exciting to see how our Leader, Jesus Christ, has led us over the past eleven years. We have had the privilege of seeing tens of thousands of men, women, young people and children come to personal faith in Christ through the personal prayer-care-share lifestyles of thousands of Christians across America. In this endeavor, we have been able to encourage and enable Christians to become involved through initiatives such as The Lighthouse Movement, Loving Our Communities to Christ, 911 Remembrance and Honor Our Heroes, and by encouraging involvement in The Passion of the Christ movie and the recent Narnia Chronicles film.

Now the Lord is calling us to partner together in reaching out to our cities and communities with “Loving Our Communities to Christ.” Please pray regarding how the Lord would have you to become involved. We pray that the Lord will guide you and use you clearly and powerfully in the days ahead. We thank God for you and look forward to partnering with you!

Prayerfully and expectantly – in Christ,
Paul Cedar
Chairman/CEO , Mission America Coalition

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

PRAYER~ Care ~ Share: Birthing & Bathing Everything in Prayer

"Every ministry needs to be birthed and bathed in prayer. It is cliche' for us to pray only when things are going wrong or when we are struggling. Life-giving leadership flows out of the direction and anointing of the Holy Spirit. We need to turn around the proverb, 'Don't just sit there, do something' to 'Don't just do something, sit there!' and pave the way for life-yielding ministry by praying for direction and empowerment.

It is not a matter of choosing prayer over action but of sequence: pray, then do."

Don't ask God to bless what you are doing, but rather ask God to show you how to do what he is blessing."

Brian J. Dodd

From the book:
Empowered Church Leadership
Ministry in the Spirit According to Paul
By Brian J. Dodd
InterVarsity Press
Retail Price: $13.00
Length: 191 pages
ISBN: 0-8308-2392-1

You've seen or heard the promises:
-Proven leadership strategies.
-Grow your church by 30 percent.
-Increase your budget through sound marketing principles.
The lure of success can be seductive, and the adoption of secular standards or methods to achieve it may seem a small but necessary price to pay. Brian J. Dodd, however, holds out a different model for us, the model of the apostle Paul who acted in accord with kingdom principles and was empowered by the Spirit of God. Worldly standards are stood on their head in order that ministry reflect the power and presence of the Lord. Dodd helps you to see the necessity of prayer, followership, partnership, servanthood and willingness to run against the current if you are to lead where God wants you to lead. Here is a book for all who want to put church leadership on an apostolic footing.

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RESOURCE: The Power of Connecting

From: PowerofConnecting

Welcome to the PowerofConnecting Partnership eNewsletter, offering information and articles on partnership and networking, and linking you with others around the world working on Kingdom partnerships, networks, and other strategic alliances.
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Development Organizations get partnership training, Guatemala City, Feb 6-9
Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI) gathers Feb 27-Mar 3 in Nairobi
City Impact Roundtable (CIR) meets Apr 3-5 in Cedar Rapids, IA
Collaboration a hot "e-learning topic" in 2006

ยช Wondering why partnership is so difficult?
Maybe you've met a ministry like this: Assuming it doesn't need anyone else to fulfill its mission, it resolutely sets out on its own. Have you ever wondered why? What internal logic keeps ministries from collaborating with others?
Dr. Mark Avery describes the DNA in organizations that can keep them from discovering the synergies of collaboration in his article, "Why Not Collaborate?" In the article, Avery provides a list and a language for facilitators to challenge precisely the assumptions of ministries that resist collaboration.

Does this sound familiar? "We don't need anyone else because...
"What we do must be done by us, as us" (Identity)
"The system we've already set up works just fine" (Time)
"We've got in-house everything we need to do our ministry" (Context)
"We like to feel in control of every aspect of our ministry" (Task)
"Our vision of what God wants to do is already perfected" (Knowledge)
"Our ministry faithfully presents, by itself, the whole of Christ" (Theology)
"Our ministry focus is all our recipients need to know the fullness of the Kingdom" (Purpose)

If any of this sounds familiar, then this article is for you! Avery concludes with ten Practical First Steps to begin to build a script of collaboration into institutional DNA. Read on...

• Roadblock Awareness 101
Those who have worked for decades with partnership development colleagues all over the world have run into the same roadblocks to partnership - real or imagined - again and again. For every roadblock there is an answer, a way around the roadblock. God's design is that we work together. And if that's true, we can find ways to get around these roadblocks. What follows is a standard set of roadblocks that people most often say stand between them and Kingdom collaboration.
Read on...

• A God-sized plan: 50,000 to be sent within 15 years
At the 3rd biennial meeting (Nov. 2005) of the Nigerian Evangelical Mission Association (NEMA) in Jos, Nigeria, a God-sized plan was unveiled. This association of 90+ Nigerian ministries, churches and agencies with 5,200 missionaries around the globe has now adopted the goal of sending 50,000 missionaries throughout North Africa and the Middle East by the year 2020. Timothy Olonade, the executive director of NEMA, says, "This is the largest and perhaps the most ambitious effort - to mobilize, train and release 50,000 Nigerians in the next fifteen years into fairly long-term cross cultural ministries across the globe. It calls for joint effort of both the church and missions agencies..." Read on...

>ADVANCE NOTICE..."Well Connected!" - Phill Butler's new book on releasing power and restoring hope through Kingdom partnerships, is slated for publication in March 2006. To be alerted when the book is available, send your name in an email to

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RESOURCE - Six Tough Questions for the Church

Reggie McNeal, author of The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church, talks in the following interview about ways church leaders are becoming more missional--releasing God's people for ministry beyond the walls of the church. The interviewer is Carol Childress, an information broker with WorldconneX (, a Dallas-based world mission network that connects "God's people for God's vision."

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Changing Congregational Culture

How can congregational churches be revitalized?

The statistic is quoted often: 85 percent of churches in the United States
have plateaued or declining attendance. That's approximately 340,000
churches in need of a turnaround. How can they do it? And what skills are

That's what magazine Leadership Journal wanted to know. So they invited
pastors, lay leaders and church members that have witnessed a turnaround in
attendance, finances, purpose, and/or spirit to participate in a survey.
This survey indicated five factors in successful turnarounds:

1. Distinguishing between obvious symptoms and underlying problems. The
first step is helping the congregation admit there is a problem, and find
the underlying (foundational) causes.

2. Paying careful attention to team building and timing, not just to
vision. There is a tipping point when almost everyone in the congregation
realizes that change is needed, but you can't rush this. Open and frequent
communication, involving everyone, is a key factor.

3. Spiritual initiatives are vital, especially prayer, fasting, forgiveness
and reconciliation.

4. God is at work, and it's important to help people recognize 'God's
fingerprints' and join in what He is doing. In the survey, pastors reported
God's fingerprints especially in the awakening of a congregation to the
needs of the community. One respondent said lightning struck the building
and burned half of it down. That, they took, as the hand of God.

5. Turnaround attempts work, often better than expected. Around 95 percent
of church members reported that people were supportive and got on board.
Only 9 percent said they experienced a loss of members in the process. Most
turnaround initiatives took effect almost immediately, with noticeable
results in less than one year, according to 43 percent of pastors.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mission America Coaltion's Role in CIty Transformation

Just a note of encouragement.

As I sat here in Indy today at the Outback -- which donated their facility and 150 dinners -- listening to Daniel Bernard talk with these very diverse-but-driven Christians we talk about... all leaders in their own right... I traced backwards in my mind... to you guys touting Daniel's book (which led to distributing bunches of 'em here in Indy, including a class of our graduating seniors at Crossroads Bible College. [...coming on the heels of Glenn traveling to Indy for the Midwest City Impact Roundtable... albeit without the dinner-party, sorry, we owe ya... LOL. Before Daniel and his book, MAC's 'Townhall' program started the NYC conference... featuring Doug Stringer (and the "Blue Heelers Parable", which we've latched onto). And before that, MAC conducting the monthly telecon calls. [Be encouraged Phil !] And before that, the And at some point, early on... MAC's site included a city-links page, which kindly included us [thank you, Naomi].

MAC has always been about 'others'... that's your great strength! Modeling collaboration with no expectations in return.

So thanks, all of you. We had a great little dinner-party last night, then the luncheon today -- I hope to upload the mp3 shortly -- and tomorrow an all-day seminar/go-try-it. Sunday he preaches in one of the local mega-churches.

Where would we be without you guys?

Pray for us here in Indy... not only that we would ASK WWJD... but that we would DWJWD !

YBIC, Neil Cox

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