Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CARE ~ Making Christmas Count

Outward Focused Living
Making This Christmas Count Where You Live
By Gail Henderson
Bathrobes and Burger King crowns have transformed my front lawn wherever I have lived for the past 25 years. Each year God orchestrates the miracle known as a ?Neighborhood Christmas pageant.?

Servant Evangelism
Planting Seeds of Love
By The Courier-Journal
This article appeared in The Courier-Journal, reported by Angie Fenton. It is a report on our good friend Robert Pittman and his allies' acts of love and hospitality on a city-wide scale, Love Louisville.

Being Missional
I See Invisible People
By Tony Vaughn
Betty is what I call one of the ?invisible people.? I came to know Betty because when people from our church would do our periodic ?kindness in action? projects, I would stop by Betty?s place.

KSI: Dissecting a Kindness Project
Watter Bottle Give Away
Giving away bottles of water is one of the easiest ways to launch Servant Evangelism where you live. This month we'll investigate what goes into a successful water give away.

Deep Thoughts
Mr. Link
By Scott Bane
One of the first people that I met when we moved into our new house, here in Florida is a self-described, "old man" named Link. Now, everyone on this street knows our names. Link told them.

World-Changing Kindness Projects
Christmas Gift-Wrapping
By 101 Ways To Reach Your Community
Check out this timely adaptation from 101 Ways To Reach Your Community, part of a 3 book series that will equip you with more than 300 ways to show God's love in practical ways.
Ask Dr. Savant
Clearing the Debris
By Dr. Savant
This month the Doctor of Outward-Focus fields a question about releasing a passion for people. His answers helps us clear the way for the love of Jesus to shine through us.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coaching ~ A Definition

What's "Coaching" To You?

by Keith Webb

What you mean by the terms "coach" and "coaching" will affect how you'll coach and the results you'll get.

A few years ago I sat down and researched various definitions of coaching. Marketplace definitions from the 1980s emphasized coaching only for job performance. Those definitions shifted drastically in the 1990s to holistic personal growth and unlimited human potential.

Until two years ago, Christian definitions echoed the marketplace versions or focused on mentoring functions like guiding and teaching. (One brilliant exception is Steve Ogne's early definition that still deserves attention.)

Here's my definition of coaching:

"Coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God's calling."

Let's take a look at the meaning. Watch for how the definition affects the process and results of coaching.

Ongoing: Coaching is a process. It's most successful over a period of time through regular interactions. I usually coach people 60 minutes every two weeks.

Intentional Conversation: The coaching conversation is different than a friendship or mentoring or teaching conversations. Coaching uses special techniques to keep the coachee in the driver's seat reflecting on ideas, making decisions, and taking action. Every conversation is expected to produce Spirit-led discoveries, insights, and action steps.

Empowers: The overall outcome of a coaching relationship is the coachee feels empowered. She grows. She feels equipped to think through and handle situations better. And she's been doing it all throughout the coaching relationship. There's no dependency on the coach.

A Person or Group: Coaching focuses on an individual's reflection, growth, and actions. Groups can also be coached, but only on the group's goals, not each individual's growth needs.

Fully live out: To thrive and excel and live up to full potential.

God's Calling: Here's where my definition diverges from many others. I believe that a coach's job is not to help a coachee to achieve whatever he wants, instead we help him to become what God would have him become (Eph 1:4, 5), and do what God would have him do (Eph 2:10). We steward the calling, gifting, and potential that God has given each person.

How do coaches do all this? With special techniques and a lot of practice! That's why we created a professional level coaching course for Christian leaders.

What are your thoughts on this definition of coaching? Let us know at our new blog. ===>Click headline to access website . . .

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

CARE ~ RAOK, the Bridge to Sharing Winning Them with Kindness
A young mom's simple mission to transform her world.
By John W. Kennedy

Re'na Garcia is a 24-year-old wife and mother of two preschoolers, a full-time nanny to two other children, and director of student ministries at a Nashville Evangelical Covenant church. She leads a busy life, but her favorite part of the day is when she goes out to RAOK her world—as in performing "Random Acts of Kindness."

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SHARE ~ Roller Skares?

The irony is that while many of us are in churches and denominations that have a rich heritage and strong reputation for evangelism, in many cases, precious little is actually happening."
Mark Mittelberg, Building a Contagious Church

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U.S. Churches Reach Out With Coffee and Roller Rinks
(Reuters) While many U.S. churches have a Starbucks or gymnasium in the building, a growing number of evangelicals are taking a different approach: rather than giving churchgoers good coffee or a sports league, they're offering coffee or roller-skating to the public -- and hoping newcomers will get to know God while they're there....
[Read the article]

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[] Breakout Churches: Discover How to Make the Leap by Thom S. Rainer
[] The Unchurched Next Door: Understanding Faith Stages as Keys to Sharing Your Faith by Thom S. Rainer
[] Surprising Insights from the Unchurched and Proven Ways to Reach Them by Thom S. Rainer
[] Who Is My Enemy?: Welcoming People the Church Rejects by Rich Nathan
[] No Perfect People Allowed: Creating a Come-as-You-Are Culture in the Church by John Burke
[] Worship Evangelism: Inviting Unbelievers into the Presence of God by Sally Morgenthaler
[] Seeker Small Groups: Engaging Spiritual Seekers in Life-Changing Discussions by Garry Poole
[] Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary: How to Reach Friends and Family Who Avoid God and the Church by Lee Strobel
[] Inside the Soul of a New Generation: Insights and Strategies for Reaching Busters by Tim Celek, Dieter Zander, & Patrick Kampert
[] Do They Run When They See You Coming?: Reaching Out to Unchurched Teenagers by Jonathan McKee
[] Getting Students to Show Up: Practical Ideas for Any Outreach Event-from 10 to 10,000 by Jonathan McKee

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