Sunday, December 06, 2009

Your Is Your City's Partnership A Real Partnership?

Effective Collaboration in Global Christian Ministry
by Phill Butler (

This whitepaper is a distillation of decades of real-world experience in forming collaborative partnerships for Christian ministry around the world. In the first section - "Personal Perspective" - I provide an overview of my own journey towards understanding the tremendous need for global collaboration in Christian ministry, and the extraordinary power that is released when God's people work in partnership. In the second section - "Key Principles" - I outline what experience and observation have shown to be the most important aspects of successful collaboration and the benefits that employing them can produce. In the third section - "Partnership Process" - I highlight the three phases of development among all durable partnerships and detail the objectives, activities, and outcomes in each phase. In the fourth section - "Lessons Learned" - I list a number of important insights that I and my colleagues have discovered in our collaboration consulting work with numerous networks, agencies, and other organizations over the years.===>Click headline to access complete presentation . . .

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